I’m getting different estimates from various companies, why do the prices vary so much for the same job?

The simple answer is that not all painting services do the same quality of job. If you were to have your vehicle painted you would discover prices ranging from $99.99 to several thousands of dollars. Home painting is quite similar.

There are multiple levels of quality and services available; however, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly the quality of work you will be receiving. Assuming all of your estimates are from honest reputable licensed and insured companies, the major difference in prices may often be directly associated to the amount of surface preparation your painter will complete prior to the paint being applied.

Surface preparation, when done properly, is very detailed and consumes a lot of time and work which can at times take as much as 75% of the time needed for the entire job. Since much of this “prep” work gets covered up once the surface is painted, this is the area where many painters can and will cut corners. It is simple math to understand that if painters can cut the amount of time spent on your job, they can offer you a lower price.

If you are dealing with a company that isn’t able to provide you with referrals, make sure you get a detailed list in writing of what he is going to do for you rather than making your decision based on a price written on the back of a business card.